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On The Road With A Country Girl

I took on a road trip with a country girl. My main goal was to explore this soul that is so hooked to country music thousands of miles away from Southern United States where the music genre originated from. And equally far away from the smoky mountains of Tennessee the home of Dolly Parton – the greatest of all time female country music singer whom she emulates.

Country music has its history from the early 1920s and it takes its roots from genres like folk music and blues. The genre often consists of ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms, folk lyrics, and harmonies.

Mainly, string instruments like electric, acoustic and steel guitars have been used extensively throughout its recorded history.

In the middle of nowhere, there is sometimes that one place with a breeze that sighs the beauty of life. Away from the business of the city, we found that exact place

Not sure if you’ve ever listened to John Denver’s Take Me Home. If you have or not, this felt like it. Life was old here, Older than the trees, but younger than the mountains. it was growing like a breeze

The weather was quite out of reach for layman’s guess. A minute needed us to be in our summer costumes, and the next one would demand the opposite. Neither of them carried away with it our mission.

After many miles of our drive, we finally reached the promised land – the land with some smoky mountains, probably like the ones from Tennessee. The land where she grew up in and where here inspirations comes from.

Here, I learnt some new rules, I thought I could just confess by word of mouth and pronounce myself a country-boy but the only burdens I had were my photography equipment. Not good enough for my inauguration to country. There is some physical identity in this life.

The place turned magical. And I felt like I have ever wanted to be there while growing up. My country is BEAUTIFUL! and that moment was just robbing from me the beauty I had ever seen before

Some beautiful country music was what I could have wanted. An they sure came through. I have never listened to music before. This was my first time. And I haven’t gotten that chance again.

One moment was needed to just crack it out. I wasn’t sure it would work that day, but better late than never…

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