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The Rainmakers of Nganyi

Climate change is one of the most pervasive and threatening issues of our time, with far-reaching impacts in the twenty-first century. For generations, one family from western Kenya has served as rainmakers, helping local communities decide when best to prepare their land and sow their seeds. By observing subtle changes in nature that would be unnoticeable to most people.

The family is sworn to secrecy, and the powers they have are considered an honor by the community and are believed to be inherited. Currently, three men are in charge, they guide the communities on when to till their land, but and sow seeds.

In a small forest set aside by the communities within an acre of land, the rainmakers have a secret shine where they predict weather. in the shrine, there are rituals the family conducts to the gods before they embark on listening to the blow of wind, sounds of specific birds and behavior of specific plants and trees in the forest,

The rainmakers have had a first-hand experience with climate change. The responsibility to deliver to their communities without failure has been a challenge by itself. The erratic weather caused by climate change has over the years rendered their forecasts opaque.

The Kenya Meteorological Department recognizes the responsibility and trust the communities put on the indigenous rainmakers. The department resolved to work with the rainmakers to help the farming communities get more accurate weather forecasts. A modern-day weather forecast sub-station was established in the area and weather-forecast specialists assigned to work in collaboration with the rainmakers, marrying indigenous and scientific knowledge to help the communities

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