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The Power Of Sight

In a remote village in the county of Transmara, Kenya, a Four year old girl is about to see the world for the first time in her life. Fred Hollows Foundation is an Australian charity organization that works to restore sight to people from communities across the globe.

The village is approximately a six hours drive, south of Nairobi -Kenya's capital

Farming is the major economic activity. The population is made up of diverse cultures, some from the neighboring country - Tanzania

Here we meet Helen Tito - A mother of five

Helen's young children are in school apart from two who are at their tender age

In addition to the family is Faith Semeyian. Who is the main reason for our visit

Faith is blind. She suffers from congenital cataracts that have been present since birth

She is a niece to Helen. Her mother (Helen's sister) disowned her due to the condition

Helen has taken all parental roles for Faith after she adopted her. She carries Faith on her back while working at the farm or going to the market

Faith doesn't understand what it means to have sight. She thinks she's like everyone else out there

She plays with friends outside their house and the friends just get along well with her disablility

It's difficult to explain to her that we are here to transform her life. She is excited about the road trip though when we tell here we'll be back the next day to take her for eye surgery

And her friends and neighbors cannot hide the excitement too

The next day we took on a journey to Sabatia eye hospital - Four hours drive from the village

The hospital is among the top ranked for eye surgery in Kenya. Faith is just one among many other patients who visited today

The surgery is considered a simple procedure and Dr. Ernest Ollando advises that Faith will be able to gain sight after 24 hrs

Faith Spends the next 24 hrs with patches on her eyes. She feels tortured but "It get's darker before dawn"

It's time for the patches to be removed. And the world starts revolving

After Faith's operation, Dr Ollando is pleased. It took a little longer than usual, but it was a success. "We're happy about the outcome," he said. "Corneas are clear. Lenses are in place and she's able to see, which is a good thing."

The first words Faith utters in the "new world" ...
"If I get a pen, I will go to school"

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