Climate Change affects traditional weather forecasters

For nine generations, millions of people across western Kenya have trusted one family of traditional rainmakers to predict local rain patterns. The Nganyi forest shrine in Western Kenya may not pop up on any geographical map as a salient icon. But the forest, which lies on just an acre of […]

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The Gay Kenyans Risking Everything To Be Free

Mama G is usually considered the perfect tenant — until his landlord finds out he’s gay. Then he’s kicked out, and must find another apartment in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. “I have been evicted several times. This is my sixth place,” the 28-year-old said. Mama G is an openly gay man […]

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Women-Only Village: Protection From Domestic Violence And Rape

A group of women in the dry heartland of central Kenya have almost entirely excluded men from their lives to protect themselves from domestic violence and rape. The small community of Unity Village is one of several women-only settlements surrounding Archer’s Post in the country’s central region. “There is no-one […]

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